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WOD 10/19/2017

A) Power Clean: 1.1 x4 every 2:00 rest :10 b/t reps Heavier than 10/9
B1) DB Squat Jumps: AMRAP :30 x3@20/10# per hand, rest :30
B2) Side Bridge: :30/side x3@15/10# on hip, rest :30

For time@85-90% effort of:
10 Power Clean@155/115#
10 Lateral bar burpees
10 Power Clean 135/95#
10 Lateral bar burpees
10 Power Clean 115/75#
10 Lateral bar burpees

5 min per of: BB Trap Scrub+ Anterior Shoulder Capsule Smash+ Shoulder Rotator Smash

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