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August Athlete Of The Month: J.P. Saalwaechter

“My advice to athletes is to eat and rest with as much intention as you put into the workouts. That’s when progress is made. Also, I encourage athletes to talk to coaches, Dennis or Tara, or other athletes about any questions or challenges they face. Life has a way of really testing how bad you want something, and there’s a wealth of knowledge around the box to help you reach your goals.”

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Talon’s July Athlete Of The Month: Laura Kim

“I enjoy seeing growth within myself, and that keeps me motivated. I am thankful that CrossFit constantly provides me with challenges, and being in Box League, learning new movements, or being told to add more weight on the bar are all ways in which the Talon community pushes me to perform outside of my comfort zone and become better.”

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CrossFit Talon June Athlete Of The Month: Corey Toy

“I’ve really enjoyed my time at Talon and am so thankful for all the time and effort the coaches put into creating an awesome community. It’s great to see so many people excited about improving their lives on some level, regardless of their ability or fitness level. To the athletes, thanks for being awesome humans who welcome new comers with open arms and make Talon a truly special place!”

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CrossFit Talon February Athlete Of The Month: Bill Vaughn

“I feel Dennis and Tara have put a great team together that are truly interested in helping people. The continual coaching cues and advice ensure that we can go 100% with the least of amount of risk for injury. However, Dennis’ music choices are far from desirable,” Bill gives it to us straight.

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