Do you approach Life as you do CrossFit? Determined, committed, supportive, happy, anxious, stressed, terrified, etc? Every day is different in both. Work with what you have that day and make the most of it. Unlike CrossFit, where no one remembers what your posted time was the previous day; your Life will be remembered by how you live it.

Karen Daniel at Garage Games One 2013

Karen Daniel at Garage Games One 2013

You do not get to pick out the daily WOD just like you do not get to pick out what happens to you when there are things beyond your control. A little over three weeks ago I had a complete hysterectomy and a left breast mastectomy/ reconstruction. I had a mastectomy/reconstruction on the right breast 18 years ago due to cancer. My children were ages 3, 5 and 8. This time it was not because of cancer, but because I was diagnosed in January being positive for the BRCA2 mutated breast cancer gene. My kids are not so little anymore, and I am not as young, but I am so much stronger and healthier than I was 18 years ago. Thankfully this time I was cancer free when the surgeries took place. Here’s how it all went down: Surgery on Friday, May 16th – over 4 hours. Walked the hospital halls Saturday morning, afternoon and night.Kyle finding the song, “Eye of the Tiger” on his cell phone and playing it while I was walking with my walker around the hospital Saturday night – priceless (and it hurt so much to laugh!). Sunday morning an SOS call to family to get me out of there. Home by 11:00 am. Rested. Walked some on Monday. Walked a mile on Tuesday. Went shopping on Wednesday to find clothes to fit the new me (reconstruction takes almost three months and can be quite expandable if you know what I mean). Currently still recovering, getting stronger everyday!  Sucks. Big time. No Lie. Definitely did not pick out this WOD. Had my share of tears, but then again some of you have cried over Fran and Murph! But you know what? You move on. I knew that this is what I had to do to be proactive in my health and life. Even though I had already had a mastectomy/ reconstruction years ago I forgot a lot of what I had gone through. Feelings were coming back to me that I did not recognize and I did not like. But what do you do as a Christian, wife and mother?

Bruce and Karen Daniel During the "Ugly Christmas Sweater" WOD 2013

Bruce and Karen Daniel During the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” WOD 2013

You seek shelter in God and your husband and you tell your kids that everything will be all right. Even though I had two surgeries done at the same time my recovery has been amazing and I know beyond a doubt that it is because of the many, many prayers on my behalf, strength and conditioning from CrossFit, following the Paleo lifestyle and using Essential Oils. I have been a Talon CrossFitter for three years this month. I lift as big as I can and give all I have in each and every WOD. If you do not know me, then you may have seen the crazy lady wearing a boot working out and running (my foot surgery on June 20th will be another blog). My family has eaten the Paleo lifestyle for over two years – consistently around 90%, which makes me very proud. I also love using the DoTerra Essential Oils. When I knew that I was going to have these two surgeries, I began taking DoTerra Essential Oil DDR Prime Capsules (which works on a cellular level) and using other oils – Lemon, Frankincense and On Guard to name a few. The DDR Prime Capsules made me feel better overall and I plan on continuing them along with other Essential Oils. They are amazing and have even made a difference in healing my scars. My plastic surgeon had told me that he would most likely have to take part of the latissimus dorsi muscle from the back and bring around to the front to make a place for the breast implant to adhere to (this is what he did 18 years ago, but then I had 7 weeks of radiations on the right breast due to cancer). I was very pleased to find out that he did not have to use the muscle because he found the vascular area in the breast healthy and viable! One less incision, one less drain and one less scar to deal with! You can CrossFit through cancer or any other life altering changes you have going on in your life. I may have issues with breast cancer, scoliosis, being positive for BRCA2 and future foot surgery, but I’m beating this and I’ll be back WODing before you know it even if no one remembers what my time was! I am eternally thankful to God who continues to watch over me and keep me in His care. Many events lead me to being diagnosed with breast cancer over 18 years ago and again this past January with the BRCA2 gene. These events were simply God watching over me. Also, I will always remain thankful to Tara, Dennis and Talon for making me better prepared to face tomorrow even though I do not know what tomorrow will bring.

The Daniel Family at Garage Games One 2013

The Daniel Family at Garage Games One 2013

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