Finally, the “heavy” WOD for The Open!  Heavy deadlifts are right up Talon’s alley, and while we heard some noises usually reserved for Ronnie H., 14.3 was our best as a team so far.  We had several athletes set personal records for their deadlift, and Lisa A. decided that since she just finished lifting her previous max fifteen times, she might as well find out her new one.  She ended up with a thirty pound PR!  Another great thing about The Open at Talon is that everyone tries the Open WODs, whether they are registered or not.  This gave Christy P. the opportunity to get her first Rx workout in, and for it to be one of the Open WODs makes it that much more of a victory.

Firebreathers and coaches owned this workout as expected, and our Masters athletes did not disappoint either.  Sarah B. finished with 109 reps, and Ronnie H. got 134, both competitive scores for this WOD.  By the way, Coach Will is sitting at 8th place in the region tonight!  Better start saving for room and board at Regionals…

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