My Talon Friends,

Let me start off by saying “WOW” what a great time competing in the O-lift competition.  I will definitely do it again because it was really a great experience and I learned a lot.  Even though the results were not what I expected I found out a lot about myself and how I respond under the pressure of competition.  You are out there by yourself and people watching every move you make, talk about nerve racking.  But I will be better from the experience and learned the flaws I need to work on.  It has inspired me to work even harder and can’t wait for next competition.  

I want to thank everyone that came out to support me Saturday and how amazing the entire Talon community is as a whole.  The support and encouragement that this group provides is unbelievable.  As I was walking off after missing my third attempt I felt one of the lowest feelings I have ever had but as I looked up there were the faces from Talon with nothing but smiles, clapping and hugs.  Even though I failed they would not let me stay down and I was overwhelmed by their support and love.  I spent the rest of the day admiring the people I was with and happy being a part of such an amazing group of people.  At the end of the day I told myself I was proud because I showed up to compete and put that outfit on (oops, I mean singlet, God knows I don’t want the 20 minute lecture on why it’s not an outfit from Dennis- haha) Great day and awesome experience that I really look forward  to doing again soon.

Thanks all and love ya,

Ann White


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