Carla Singleton joined CrossFit Talon this past July.  She was looking for a way to back into “active duty shape” to serve as a transportation officer in the Army, when she saw transformations in several comrades who did CrossFit.  “I was also looking for a place to feel like home, and CrossFit Talon definitely feels like home,” Carla says, “Talon offers way more than other places.”

COL Childress and 1st Lt Singleton in the Army 10 Miler

COL Childress and 1st Lt Singleton in the Army 10 Miler

Carla has made her own transformation this year when she improved her time in the Chicago Half Marathon from 2:42:00 to 2:09:00 this past September.  Her distance running began after a devastating back injury in 2009.  While hoisting a rucksack over her shoulder, Carla felt something tweak, but continued through basic training.   After awhile, the pain got worse, and she was told at the time that she would never be able to run long distances again.  “If someone tells me I can’t do something, it only makes me want to do it that much more,” she explains.  By 2011, she was training with the Army Ten Milers, and in September of 2012 she ran her first Half Marathon.

“CrossFit has helped me tremendously,” Carla describes, “it has drastically improved my endurance.”  Carla jumped right into Talon’s specialty classes, participating in CrossFit Endurance and Olympic Weightlifting.  Last month, she joined Team Talon in her first CrossFit competition at Seasons Beatings for Cancer Treating.  “The competition being my first one, and I felt like I finally found some family, it was an amazing feeling.”  She is also on the Talon team that’s currently in third place for the scaled division in the Music City Box League.

Carla says that she might do the Air Force Full Marathon, and would definitely like to compete Rx as soon as she can.  “Your body is not a limitation, you are” she advises.  Watch out for 1st Lieutenant Singleton, chances are she’s gaining on you!

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