I remember a time when my sons, Kyle and Garrett, would leave on a summer morning to go and work out and not come home for 3 or 4 hours. Some sort of Dragon class I called it (Fire Breathers class, but in my mind it was the Dragon class). They would be tired, hungry, sore, yet all they talked about was the workout they just did. Not that I understood what they were talking about – snatch, clean and jerk, AMRAP, sumo deadlift high pull…. you get the idea. They tried to get my husband, Bruce, and me to try CrossFit. No way – that was for people who were in shape and into…. well, working out and looking fit and muscular and fit and tan and fit and beautiful. I couldn’t do that. But after years of doing little physical activity, I knew I had to do something. So I began working out at the Rec Center. Or rather tried to. I did not have a lot of confidence in my ability, was self-conscience about my scoliosis, knew very little about the machines and did not enjoy going by myself. Seldom did I see anyone I knew. People there always looked like they knew what they were doing. I did not. It was frustrating and very disheartening.

IMG_2437June of 2011 Kyle and Garrett finally convinced me to try CrossFit. I knew Dennis and Tara as they were Garrett’s soccer Coaches for the Harpeth Valley Futball Club. In fact, they helped condition the Franklin High School Men’s Soccer Team prior to soccer season when I managed that team. My daughter, Jennifer, decided to try CrossFit with me for which I was so thankful. We were connected for two weeks with Bruce, Kyle and Garrett cheering us on. For most of my life I was always putting everyone in my family first and not thinking about what I should have been doing to take care of ME. I was so out of shape. Jen and I finished foundations and despite my lack of being in shape, the classes were a lot of fun. Tara and Dennis were supportive and encouraging. They transformed the way I thought about fitness and I was hooked.

My husband climbed on board and we have been a CrossFit family ever since. CrossFit Talon provides an atmosphere where I am a member of a team no matter what time I workout. If you don’t walk in with a friend, you will leave with one. I receive encouragement from coaches and other members along with the knowledge and the drive to better myself. It’s more than just 60 minutes. Let me repeat that – it’s more than just 60 minutes. It’s about connection. Ordinary people of all ages and strength trying to get fit and stay fit. It’s about friendships, meeting new people, escaping, celebrating, and supporting those that work out with you. Connecting before, during and especially after the workout when you are either in a fetal position or gasping for breath. Allow Talon CrossFit to be more than just a workout. Connect with people. Make a friend, be a friend.

Jennifer, Garrett, Kyle, Karen, and Bruce Daniel, upside down.

Jennifer, Garrett, Kyle, Karen, and Bruce Daniel, upside down.

Talon has connected the Daniel’s and brought us closer together as a family. The five of us have CrossFit in common and I love when we can all be at the box together. Kyle and Garrett are now CrossFit coaches, which does not surprise me. Their love for this type of fitness transcended not only to Bruce, Jennifer and I, but also to many of their friends. CrossFit and following the Paleo diet have led us to a new lifestyle of being physically and mentally fit, spiritually strong, and connecting with not only each other but with those we work out with.

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