EricSmallEric Enos began CrossFit three years ago after, “lifting very comfortably, accomplishing nothing” he explains.  For six months he worked out on his own when he decided he needed some coaching from a CrossFit box.  “There are skills you just can’t master alone, you can’t go too heavy, unless you want to wear a bar,” Eric says, “And unless you’re racing, you’re not doing CrossFit.”

Last year, Eric embarked on becoming a triathlete.  He says that his goal was simply, “Don’t crash, don’t drown, and don’t walk.”  He managed to accomplish all three in his first sprint triathlon.  In September, he will compete in his first full Olympic Triathlon.  Eric2SmallBesides preparing him for these intense races, CrossFit and a Paleo diet has helped him lose forty pounds.  He also completed his CrossFit Level 1 Training certification in November, and just recently became CrossFit Endurance certified.  Eric is a former Army Captain, serving seven years in the infantry and eleven years total.  “In the military, we would run long, but CrossFit taught me to run efficiently” Eric says of his CrossFit Endurance seminar.  He also says that learning to fuel endurance workouts was a key learning point from CrossFit as well.

Eric says that these certifications are to help him improve his own performance, but he is also not shy about helping others at  Talon if someone needs it.

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