Nicole Saenz and Jesse Holguin moved here from Houston in October. (Pretty soon, we should change our name to CrossFit New Texas).  They joined CrossFit Talon in November just as we were all finishing up our LuRong Living Paleo Challenge.  Jesse says that they decided to join Talon because they could tell from the WODs that, “Talon doesn’t mess around when it comes to weights, intensity, and nutrition.”

In their box in Texas, they participated in a Paleo challenge.  “We saw good results.  We jacked up our CrossFit workouts to four days a week and felt good,” describes Jesse.  However, “life” happened and they fell off track a bit.  When the Talon Challenge came up last week, Nicole and Jesse immediately jumped on board.  Nicole says, “I just didn’t feel good about myself when I looked in the mirror.  I want to feel better too, food is not supposed to drain you, it is meant to be a fuel.”  Jesse is determined to make this challenge a permanent change, “We want to do this for good, to re-learn the fundamentals of Paleo, this is our last stand,” he says.

More than having the Talon community to lean on, they are working together to keep each other accountable and better yet, to make it easier to plan meals and get to the gym.  They use the weekends to prepare their food and take away any excuse during the week.  The goals they have set forth are not too lofty, and after my experience with LuRong, I have no doubt they will achieve them.  They both want to get rid of the “weighted vest” they have been carrying during their workouts (Jesse’s analogy), and want to work up to being able to CrossFit four times a week again.  Nicole wants to learn to find healthy snack alternatives and finally get rid of refined sugar in her diet.

“Team Holguin,” as Nicole calls them, is ALL IN and ready for big changes after this challenge.  I will catch up with them in April when it is over and we can all see what team work and a positive attitude can do for your life.

Nicole Saenz and Jesse Holguin "BEFORE"

Nicole Saenz and Jesse Holguin “BEFORE”

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