Talon is competing in the Lurong Living Paleo challenge! If we get 20 people signed up, we are eligible for affiliate prizes!  There are also MANY individual prizes throughout the contest, including a package that everyone receives just for completing the first 3 benchmark WODS in the first 2 weeks ($85 prize package).  
It does cost $50 to register, and requires you to track (and enter) WOD performances (11 over 9 weeks), dietary compliance, and life transformation/improvements.  Talon will help you do all these things, but it’s up to you to enter the data to earn points for the individual prizes as well as the affiliate prizes.

We have scheduled a paleo education/sampling night on September 15th to help with food ideas.  We also plan on using Lisa Perry (Paleo caterer) throughout the contest to make life a little easier …  and delicious!!

So … if you have been wanting to feel better in your workouts and in your  everyday life, but need some help with accountability, JOIN US TODAY!!  The contest starts September 17th.

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Lisa Perry – Paleo Caterer [/contentbox]

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